Total Environment Plots in Devanahalli
Tangled Up in Green

Tangled Up In Green demonstrates a holistic approach to development, combining sustainability with social progress. These storylines act as a guiding structure, highlighting the combination of creativity and environmental awareness.

Tangled Up In Green aims to prioritize renewable resources and minimize ecological impact through infrastructural advancements. This project demonstrates how urban planning can incorporate green spaces to encourage biodiversity in city environments. Total Environment’s construction incorporates environmentally sustainable methods to reduce pollution and conserve resources.

Basically, these plots represent a change in perspective where advancement is evaluated not only by financial measures but by the long-term relationship between human actions and the environment. They serve as models, leading societies towards a future in which progress aligns with protecting the environment, enhancing lives while also protecting the Earth’s fragile equilibrium.

Located in the center of North Bangalore, Tangled Up in Green offers an exceptional chance for luxurious living. This prestigious home embodies grace, refinement, and coziness. Enter a realm where each element has been carefully designed to surpass expectations, providing a luxurious and sophisticated way of living.

An exquisitely crafted residential enclave of villas, approved by RERA, radiates tranquility, luxury, and peaceful living. Created with environmental considerations in mind, Tangled Up in Green strikes a perfect balance between luxury and coziness.

Discover a sanctuary where each piece of land is empty, allowing residents to bring their dreams to life in a thriving setting. Tangled Up in Green is not just a housing project; it’s a lifestyle tailored for individuals who appreciate luxury.

Total Environment Plots
Tangled Up in Green Area Proximity


Enter the captivating world of Total Environment residential plots, Tangled Up In Green, situated on Doddaballapur Road, Devanahalli, in the serene area of North Bangalore. This is a place where high-end living coexists harmoniously with the natural surroundings, encouraging you to embrace a lifestyle that embraces both luxury and environmental balance. These plots, created by the well-known Total Environment Building Systems Pvt. Ltd., set a new standard for residential quality with homes that are carefully and sensitively designed.

Engage in carefully designed environments that combine modern architectural features with luxurious elements, establishing an ambiance of refinement. Tangled Up In Green provides a selection of villa developments that aim to surpass your expectations of owning an extraordinary residence. Embrace a way of living that combines luxury with environmental awareness, with each residence serving as a symbol of sophistication and ecological harmony.

Located on National Highway 648, Tangled Up In Green benefits from a top position on Devanahalli Doddaballapur Road in Bangalore. This ideal position provides easy access to important areas, such as the busy IVC Road. Residents in Devanahalli can appreciate the peacefulness of the area while also having convenient access to necessary urban amenities.

At Tangled Up In Green, you can enjoy both city retreat and nature immersion, all while staying connected.

Well Connected To IVC Road Devanahalli

Reside amidst verdant surroundings.

Effortless access to Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore.

Tangled Up in Green Gallery

Perks of owning a property in Tangled Up in Green

Total Environment’s new project Tangled up in Green is spread across 120 acres focusing on providing refuge to the residents with an environment that reflects peace and serenity. Tangled Up in Green aims to give you an easy escape from the city chaos making your life worth living. 

Why Tangled Up in Green is a lucrative investment ?

Safety: Tangled Up in Green is secured by a secure entry point with round the clock security surveillance guaranteeing a stress free living environment. 

Community Feature : The gated community has a park highlighting greenery with a swimming pool and a fitness center allowing recreational facilities with additional clubhouses facilitating social interaction and full time leisure for the residence. 

A sense of belonging : The environment allows to experience the sense of community among the inhabitants through various community events and shared amenities leading to establishing closer ties with the residents. 

Invaluable Property Worth: The security, the surrounding, the amenities and the maintenance offered by the gated community differentiates Tangled Up in Green from its counterpart and the non-gated community. 

State-of-art Infrastructure: The well maintained roads, the safe utilities,  access to various amenities like the hospitals, educational institutions and shopping centres and the property location gives Tangled Up in Green an edge over the competitors. 

Away from the city chaos: The silent streets, the restricted traffic allows the residence to stay in tranquility. 

A well maintained environment: The mandate to maintain the property helps to maintain the original value of the property and increases the overall quality of the investors within the community.

Total Environment Tangled Up in Green Amenities

Total Environment PlotsSwimming Pool Total Environment PlotsTennis Court Total Environment Plots Badminton Court(s)
Total Environment Plots Jogging TracksTotal Environment Plots Power BackupTotal Environment Plots 24*7 Water Supply
Total Environment PlotsParty LawnTotal Environment Plots Large Green AreaTotal Environment Plots IGBC Certified Building

Total Environment Tangled Up In Green
Master Plan

Not A project Layout of Total Environmnet Plots- Just A graphic Representation

At the heart of Devanahalli in North Bangalore, Total Environment Plots: Tangled Up in Green is a carefully designed project that showcases Total Environment’s dedication to precision and quality. Every detail reflects the effort to create a living space that exceeds expectations.

The residential plots in Tangled Up in Green are strategically positioned to optimize natural light and airflow, resulting in a spacious and calm environment. Well-maintained gardens and shared spaces create a bond with the natural world, offering a tranquil atmosphere for those living there. The design effectively mixes private areas with communal areas, providing clear spaces for relaxation and fun.

Exploring Tangled Up in Green reveals a place where dreams come to life, and modern living harmoniously blends with natural beauty. This thoughtful design distinguishes Tangled Up in Green, offering residents an exceptional living experience.

Total Environment Tangled Up In Green
Plotted Development Layout

Total Environment Tangled Up In Green

Property Type


Plot Size



972 Units

1800 – 7200 Sq. ft.

6490 / Sq.ft



Total Environment Building Systems Pvt Ltd, founded in 1996, is a pioneering force in Indian real estate and design. Based in Bangalore, they are committed to innovation and excellence, transforming residential living through meticulously crafted homes that integrate gardens into every floor plan. Their bespoke, fully furnished residences cater to diverse lifestyles, blending sophisticated design with impeccable craftsmanship.


Founded by Kamal Sagar and Shibanee Sagar, Total Environment Bangalore is renowned for its eco-friendly, modern homes. Their projects, such as Tangled Up In Green, embody warmth and professionalism, integrating unique ideas and technological advancements. Active in Bangalore, the company has been creating luxurious properties for decades, contributing significantly to the city’s landscape.



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